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Cavity Wall Extraction

Poorly Installed Insulation can cause damp

Our Extraction teams will remove poorly installed insulation material from your property if you are experiencing any of the issues listed below. We use the latest technology in the form of an extraction machine which enables us to safety remove the insulation with minimal disruption. We remove all waste from your property and dispose of it accordance with the government environment agency.

A typical 3 Bedroom Semi Detached property can be extracted in a single day using Greener Skies, the process for extraction is as follows; 

  • Drill a sequence of small holes around the property
  • Carefully remove 2-3 bricks at low level on each elevation to hoover the insulation out
  • Using a high powered compressor air is circulated into the cavity forcing the insulation to the extraction hoover
  • Once all insulation is removed most properties can be re-insulated within a week to achieve the correct u-values
  • If the property is not to be re-insulated the holes and bricks will be reinstated with mortar to match the rest of the property

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Types of insulation removed

Blown mineral fibre



White wool

Reasons to remove cavity wall insulation

  • Rubble in the cavity, we often find that when a new roof has been done debris finds its way into the cavity
  • Flood / water damage
  • Poorly installed cavity wall insulation
  • Fire damaged insulation
  • Timber / Steel frame buildings

Problems that can arise if defective Cavity wall insulation is left in

  • Condensation on interior walls, this is sometimes caused by bridging when rubble sitting in the cavity touches both inner and outer leaf brick work
  • Damp issues
  • Failing mortar to pointing
  • Wall tie corrosion
  • Subsidence of brick walls or lintels
  • Fungus growth / mildew