Green Deal Cash Back

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme is a first-come, first-served offer where householders can claim cash back from Government on energy saving improvements like insulation, front doors, windows and boilers. Packages could be worth over £1000 - the more you do, the more you get. Available from 28 January 2013 for households in England and Wales.

The Government Cashback is a limited offer while funds last. Green Deal Participants can encourage their customers to get Green Deal assessments early so, when the scheme opens, customers are ready to apply, and get approval, for their Cashback voucher before improvement work begins.

Government has guaranteed that £40m will be available at the rates listed in this guide. After this, Cashback amounts may reduce.

Who is Eligible

The Cashback is open to any householder making energy saving improvements under the Green Deal, after 28th January 2013. This includes owneroccupiers, those renting privately or in social housing. Landlords, both private and social, are also eligible where they pay installation costs, up to certain limits. In all cases, Cashback will be capped at 50% of the householder’s contribution to costs.

How Does It Work

Householders will need to apply for a voucher which they use to claim the Cashback when work is completed.

To qualify for the Cashback householders must:

  • have a Green Deal assessment carried out on the property
  • get and agree quotes from a Green Deal Provider (this could be directly with a national brand or through a local tradesperson linked with a Provider)
  • apply for Cashback voucher online or by phone. To make things easier some Providers will be able to apply on behalf of their customers
  • receive voucher confirming the Cashback
  • complete works within specified period
  • redeem voucher, along with evidence of works completed, for Cashback.

Householders can fund improvements through a Green Deal Plan, or however they wish, and get the Cashback but they must use a Green Deal Provider to arrange the work. The more improvements a householder makes, the bigger the Cashback.

Householders can only make one claim for the Cashback, but it may cover a package of improvements recommended by the Green Deal assessment. The Government Cashback is separate and additional to any similar offers that may be made by Green Deal Providers.

Householders can also choose to donate some or all of their Cashback to a charity or community interest company of their choice signed up with the scheme administrator.

Green Deal Cashback Scheme: Eligible measures and cash back amounts

These rates are guaranteed for the first £40m after which the rates are likely to reduce. Act early to get the best rates. Up to £125m has been earmarked for the scheme as a whole.

Loft insulation (including top up) and insulating cavity walls (where appropriate) are important, basic energy saving measures. So where a Green Deal assessment recommends these alongside other improvements, householders will only be able to get the Cashback if they do these too.

Loft insulation (incl. top up)£100
Cavity wall insulation£250
Solid wall insulation*£650
Flat roof insulation£390
Room in roof insulation£220
Floor insulation£150
Hot water cylinder insulation (incl. top up)**£10
Draught proofing£50
Heating controls (roomstat and/or programmer and time/temperature zone controls)**£70
Condensing oil boiler from non-condensing oil heating or other***£310
Upgrade boiler to condensing gas boiler from non-condensing boiler or other£270
Flue gas heat recovery (condensing combi boiler) only alongside replacement boiler£90
New or replacement storage heaters£150
Replacement warm-air unit£60
Waste water heat recovery systems£60
Double/triple glazing (old single to A)£20 per m2 up to a maximum of £320
High performance replacement doors£40
Secondary glazing£15 per m2 up to a maximum of £230


Further Conditions of Green Deal Cash Back

* A minimum of 50% of external walls must be insulated to qualify for a Cashback on solid wall insulation.

** Cannot be claimed at same time as boiler replacement (as this is a regulatory requirement).

*** Householders should consider their renewable heat options, as they could get a higher payment under RHPP now, for certain measures.

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